13 11652

13 11652

1007 Better Left Untouched

Aaand that ends that. For now.

13 thoughts on “1007 Better Left Untouched

  1. Yeah, sometimes Reason must work together with some Force.

  2. Well done, Shannon!
    It is also vaguely worrying when you have to be the voice of reason.

  3. Shannon deserves a round of applause for seeing how inappropriate Devin’s train of thought is and stopping it before it even was allowed out of the station. The lady has learned from her mistakes, and she sure as hell isn’t going to be making them again, especially with some failed pickup artist.

    I really hope this is the last time we see Clueless Casanova, because I have a feeling if he comes near Shannon again he’ll have a stiletto heel in his eye.

  4. Hey people!!!!!
    Good mood and good luck to everyone!!!!!

  5. Always so good to see someone exercise some good common sense. Even if your friend is thinking of something that really doesn’t seem so bright, at least Shannon is a good enough friend to physically drag Devon out of their before she (in her messed up mental place) makes a potentially horrible mistake. Which, if you think about it, is kinda ‘pot calling kettle black’ seeing how Shannon got her current bo’ hmm? Anyway, Shannon makes a number of snide, but very valid points regarding Mr. Wrong (even if Devon was serious and wanted to get sex from a man, that would not be a safe or sane way to go about it) and once again, takes on the role of ‘big sister’. Lastly, Devon’s statements about the last time she was with a male (sexually of course), makes one wonder just how clearly she’s thinking of anything (and how much has she had to drink already?).

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Devon wasn’t thinking too clearly. She did drink a lot! (even though the drawings didn’t quite reflect this.)

  6. Okay, now Shannon has a good reason for them to leave! i was a little concerned when they looked like they were going to leave to avoid the guy before. we should be done with having to be the ones to leave because of some guy’s behavior, but leaving because of our own is valid!

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      You make a good point. That would be kind of shitty if they had to leave because of that guy’s behavior. I’m glad that there was a stronger reason to leave. (And not just because the drinks were too watered down. 🙂 )

  7. Great job, Shannon! While I’m not exactly Devon’s biggest fan because of her behavior, which is even more off base due to being intoxicated, I also don’t want to see her slip any further down than she already has to this point. Maybe she needs to go to a rehab clinic for drinking? I don’t recall her being an alcoholic, but at least there she would have the temptation removed perhaps. Then again, maybe that isolation would be worse, I don’t know. Either way, she owes Shannon an apology in the morning and an attitude adjustment. Hopefully she will begin to realize how important her friendships are and learns to strengthen them with personal responsibility and accountability, because that will demonstrate that she is trustworthy and reliable, something that’s very important in any relationship.

    1. As much as I disapprove of Devon’s current (drunken) goals, I can understand (without excusing) them. She ‘reads’ to me as someone who feels she hasn’t been punished enough for causing her current breakup, so she’s making bad choices as “self-punishment”.
      The best case for her right now is to get home without any chance of that “Lounge Lizard Larry” interacting further, or following them home…
      … unless, of course…
      … the Esteemed Author has other plans…?

    2. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Both of you are correct and have good insight into Devon. I Don’t think she’s in any major danger going down a destructive path, but only a week has gone by since the break up, so she obviously is hurting and doing stuff she wouldn’t normally do. As always…only time will tell what happens.

  8. I thought Devon wanted only to tease Mr. Stranger. It’s kind of a shock to see she actually wanted to give him what he wants. Shannon is actually 100% right to drag her out of there, and she’s proving she’s Devon’s genuine friend by doing so.

  9. Look at Shannon not being being all mature but also being a solid lady bro!

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