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#1008 Time for Stuffin’

So those of you who are Patreons of the comic will instantly recognize this page. That's cos it was created six months ago as part of Bohemian Night's Midnight Edition comics. This is where this story gets inserted (no pun intended) here. I'm only putting up this one page this week while I finish the new Patreon comic and work on a pile of BN scripts.  So for those of you who have already read it, my apologies. It's only going to be for this one page then next week it's on to new stuff.  For those who are not Patreons, here is an example of the bonus comics you can get just by becoming a member. From here you can read all the sexy exploits that followed with Jeff and Jojo as well as over two hundred other pages of other Bohemian Nights bonus stories. And at higher pledge levels, you can actually be IN the comic for a cameo.

In either case, let me say that I appreciate every reader! Thank you all for coming back and reading the comic -as well as commenting on the stories, and especially supporting the comic through Patreon. THANK YOU!

--next week's comic we follow Beth and Emrys to her parents' house. 



4 thoughts on “#1008 Time for Stuffin’

  1. I thought this page is awfully familiar XD

  2. Oh… Two developments here! First off, the dreaded meeting of the parents… Always a stressful and truly momentous occasion. No matter how many times it’s happening to you (I personally have gone through it at least 3 times) you never get comfortable with it. Even after you’re established as a couple, there’s always that parental gaze looking ‘down’ on you. Then, we have one of the most wonderful stages of being ‘on your own’ with the place to yourself… Making sure you do the deed in every room! (garages count by the way, even if they’re not attached!) Depending on your partner, sometimes you can do multiple rooms, to completion if you know what I mean, in a night *blush*… Other times, you may need a few days to get to EVERY room. Wonder if we’ll find out how both situations play out?

    1. * Spoiler Alert *

      Jeff and JoJo definitely don’t lose time XD More to see at Patreon 🙂

  3. Nice to see some happiness going on again. 🙂

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