(Comic is back up.

Sorry for the delay.)

Rose City comic con was fun. I’m wiped out.

Not as good as Wizard World Con back in January and not as robust a turnout but even the other people at the tables were saying it was a bit of a slump.

Oh well. I at least met two loyal readers of the comic face to face. That was a nice first. Thank you both so much for coming by the table and saying hi. That means a lot to me. Thank you also for all the other people who stopped by and expressed interest in the comic or the game. I hope you enjoy the new stuff.

And finally, a big thank you to James and Joseph, my incomparable minions who helped me through another convention. I love hanging out with you guys. You make these comic cons easy and fun.

I’ll go into more detail of the convention later this week with pictures a-plenty. But right now I’m exhausted.

Also one more shout out of thanks needs to be said. Thank you to my dad who has helped me secure the coming Wizard World convention this coming January. With the sales being a bit low at this convention, having a table secured REALLY helps a lot. (You’re birthday gift is in the mail!)