Usually I sketch the comic the old fashioned way -with pencil and paper- and usually at my day job in-between calls, but with the advent of the holidays looming before me, work once again has picked up dramatically and I’m left with very little time to draw. So tonight’s comic was done from beginning to end all on the computer. Usually the sketches don’t turn out so good when I do them on the wacom tablet, but this time the results were much better. Makes me wonder if this should be the way I create the comic all the time. Of course more time on the computer means less time sleeping…

I think for the moment, I’ll vacillate between traditional sketches and complete illustrations on the computer. At least until the holiday rush comes to an end. 

…a fiery…fast…horrible…end…

In the meantime, enjoy today’s, not so funny, but very satisfying comic.


Drinkers Hell Jack