The results are in. Thank you to all those who participated in the little questionnaire off to the side this past week. The results should be quite helpful in improving the comic in the months to come.
So let’s take a look at the results.
Sixteen people completed the questionnaire
The first few questions were more to gauge how visitors view the comic.

How often do you visit Bohemian Nights?
11  Only on the days the comic is posted
Everyday! I’m a web comic junkie!
2  Maybe once a week. If I can remember…

How often do you re-read through the Archives?
12  Once in a while I’ll re-read some of the older stuff.
I read it once. Why would I read it again?
1  Every visit I look though some of the older comics.

What’s your opinion of the artwork?
9  A different style than most out there, but still good.
4  Great! A lot better then most of the web-comics out there.
3  Kinda hit and miss.

What’s your opinion of the writing?
12  Good dialog, fun characters, well thought of storylines.
4  Entertaining, but sometimes slow.

What are your favorite parts of the comic?
11  The storyline
10 The characters
6  The Humor
1  The Art
(I’m very glad to see readers really respond to the story and characters so well)
What would you like to see improved?
9  Fleshing out the characters more
5  The Artwork
1  The Storylines
1 Your attitude, buddy!
(I’ll agree with these results)

Who are your top three favorite characters?
13 Beth
11 Emrys
9 Shannon
4 Mark
3 Mateo
3 Jeff
3 Mrs. McKrakkin
2 Devon
0 Dave

(The top two fall in line with my own favs)
(aww…no love for the Davester)

Which characters would you like to see more of / fleshed out better?
7 Shannon
6 Emrys
5 Devon
4 Beth
4 Jeff
3 Dave
2 Mark
2 Kat
1 Mateo
1 Mrs. McKrakkin
1 Drake
(Devon was the early lead but then Shannon and Emrys jumped ahead at the end.)
So… room for improvement. Beth and Emrys seem to be most everyone’s favorite characters (yet, Emrys still needs work to flesh him out better.) I couldn’t agree with you more. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be working to correct this. As always, I’m about 10 to 15 scripts ahead of what is actually posted, and about 2-4 completed strips ahead of what’s posted. But I will use this information to help speed things along. Also, look for a HUGE New Year ’s Eve story line where tons of shit goes down starting sometime in December! –Think of your best (and worst) huge block party you’ve ever been to…

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