So in three months, Bohemian Nights turns five.

What does someone do to celebrate such an occasion?

why… VEGAS, BABY!!!

That’s right. I’m hitting a convention out of the state! Seattle wouldn’t take me. San Fransisco didn’t work out. But Vegas took me in like a warm hooker on a hot summer night who knew I still had 40 bucks left in my pocket.

I’ll be in artist alley by day, slinging comics, graphic novels, original sketches and of course slinging plenty of Drinker’s Hell games. And by night…? Who knows.

If you’re in the area or even close enough to make a fun road trip, please come on down. It’s not too often I’m able to swing such a convention this far away so who knows when I’ll be able to do this again in the area. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

Okay, more on that later as it develops.

I just want to finish by giving a heart felt THANK YOU to everyone who writes in the comment section. I’ve been getting a lot more of them recently and I really enjoy hearing from you. I will try to respond to each and everyone one of you as much as I can as well. The comments on the more recent posts are easy to spot and respond to, but if you write a comment on an older post, I might miss it. (I’ll try not to). But it’s really great to read your comments on the comic and I enjoy your take on the characters and story direction. (It might not change the story direction*, but it’s still fun to see). So thank you again. Keep em coming. Everyone is welcome here.

* In fact, I just finished writing the scripts to all the comics up to # 555. -That’s all the way to the Vegas convention in July!