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10 3124

#529 Follow Me

An another critical error in judgement has been mildly averted thanks to the uncanny powers of sobering up.

Patreon tier rewards news

So here are the small changes and bonus incentives to the $2 and $5 tiers for my Patreons. At two dollars, you will of course get the bonus comic once a month. (At the moment, finishing up the 5 part gender-swapping alternative world story, but come June, I’ll be kicking off my much anticipated Greenman of Portland comic book, to which the individual pages will be featured here each month as the bonus comic. The script is already written and I’m very much looking forward to doing this project.) I’ll also be giving this tier more bonus, behind the scenes material in the form of blue-line computer sketches and finished ink work illustrations. At $5, you get all the above as well as any printed comics that are completed via Bohemian Comics. I got a Deflectors #3 in the works as we speak and should be completed hopefully by early Fall. After that, the first issue of the Greenman of Portland will premier sometime next year. But that seems to me a bit of a slim reward for this tier. So I’m adding more comics in the form of Bohemian Nights: Midnight Edition! As you all are aware, the comic has gone into a bit of an adult direction, although this may not be the best venue for the more explicit scenes. So although you will still see some rather racy material from time to time, this is not necessarily the focus of the comic.  So now I’ll now be offering more pages at the $5 level that will focus on such aspects of the comic. At least 2 more pages each month!  These will be in the form of additional pages that expand the current storyline (but not crucial to the story itself), or bonus pin-up illustrations or, when nothing particularly hot is happening in the actual story-line, I will feature a small, complete story showcasing some of the Bohemian Nights cast in a very adult, NSFW encounter. (The first one will be up this Friday and add to the current Emrys/Stephanie storyline.) So there you have it. More comic pages for everyone. I’m staying up late at night…just for you. (okay…that sounded a little creepy, even for me.) OH! And this June just in time for the five year anniversary of Bohemian Nights, ALL patreons, regardless of your reward level, will receive some original signed comic sketches (for that month only.) If you are interested, make sure your address is updated at Patreon and, if possible, you can make a request for which character(s) you wish to receive. I’ll try and send out something good for you. So there you have it! Thank you to all of you supporting the comic. Your contributions really do help make the comic run. From online hosting fees, to printing costs, to conventions –every little bit helps. Thank you! And if you aren’t a Patreon of the comic yet, now is the best time to start.

10 thoughts on “#529 Follow Me

  1. That was… ok not a great end for Beth, but better than it could have been.

    Also, Patreon donation updated. I look forward to the posts

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I really struggled with Beth’s story-line on this. At one point I thought of having her barge in and confess her feelings for Emrys but that seemed too far out of character for her as well as a bit too far fetched. I mean, who would actually do that that isn’t already in a relationship with the person? So yeah, it was a little bit of a build up for not much pay off other than Beth realizing she has some deep feelings for Emrys, but then, that’s kind of like life. Sometimes you do go to the edge and realize what havoc you may be about to do and simply turn around (or chicken out, depending on your perspective)
      And then there’s the rest of the night with Stephanie and Emrys…
      Thank you for your support, Kace. Hope you enjoy the bonus comics 😀

  2. Better all the time, my friend.

  3. I feel sad for Beth but I can’t help but think it’s all for the best. It would have made fun reading tho.

  4. I don’t have much sympathy for Beth here. I mean, I think Steph is wrong for Emrys, and I still ship him and Beth. But I don’t begrudge Emrys a willing partner, and Beth had plenty of chances and chose not to take them. I just hope she’ll get another one after this realization.

  5. Well at least now I can breathe a sigh of relief that Beth won’t break down doors and end up in jail for harassment or something equally humiliating. I think DanD summed it up pretty well, except that I do still have sympathy for Beth. We all make mistakes in life, and some are worse than others, but she hasn’t done anything unforgivable up to this point and I think that a little compassion can go a long way in this situation. Hopefully she won’t abandon having Emrys as a friend, because I think that it will work in her favor (and in his) in the long run, even if it likely won’t be much fun with Stephanie watching him like a hawk to make sure his stays under control. If my guess is correct though, which could easily be wrong since I’m assuming I understand Emrys’ personality better than what’s been explicitly shown, then Emrys won’t be swayed by carnal attraction forever, and that’s when the real contest will begin, and my bet will always be on Beth when it comes to who’s in Emrys’ heart.

    On the Patreon front all I can say is WOW! You’re doing for $5 what most are doing for $10 or more, so I hope you don’t sell yourself short or worse, burn out. That caution being noted, I’m really looking forward to your Green Man project! A little dose of life reflecting philosophy is a welcome thing these days, especially since I’m not getting any younger. 😛

  6. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Well said by all. Yes, I have a soft spot for Beth as well, despite her flaws. But I can’t begrudge Emrys some joy either. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when that ‘new relationship smell’ starts to fade a little…
    And yes, I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew with the Patreon stuff. At the moment, I’m doing pretty well. I’m ahead three months of scripts, one month of drawings and almost finished with the Greenman script as well. I got a lot of buffer going on. The tricky part will come between September and December when life and work get a lot more hectic. So we’ll see if I have to slow it down (temporarily) for those months as they are always a bitch to get through even in the best of times. But for now…all is good.
    And yes, I’m looking forward to the greenman a well. It will actually be a spin off of sorts from this comic in June and will have distinctive magical/noir feel to it.

    1. That all sounds very cool, and it’s good news on the comic buffer front, so even better news!

      And yeah, Emrys is a good egg and I don’t begrudge him any fun, I just know that there are always consequences, and I just hope that he gets through everything okay. Then again, I don’t have any particular grudge against any of the characters in this comic (except Beth’s ex, he can stay lost), even if I’m not fond of some of them at times. Rather like ‘real life’, nobody is perfect, and that’s a surprisingly tough story to tell sometimes. Nice work, as always, Eric! 🙂

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        Thank you! I like writing characters that are not all black and white also.

  7. She who hesitates, is lost.

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