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4 2363

#532 Can’t Keep em Down

Okay, I guess it's time to dial it back a little bit. I don't want everyone out there thinking this is only a porn-comic. Just a little bit, here and there, now and again. Although, if you liked what you saw, more can be found on Patreon, at least twice a month, sometimes more. In fact I got a few more strips of Emrys and Stephanie's first night waiting in the wings. -Next one should be up early next week. After that, a short, self-inclusive story involving Shannon and Dave. So there you go. It won't be that the comic here won't have an explicit page here and there, it's just not the entire focus of the comic. I'll always prefer developing the characters and good story telling. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “#532 Can’t Keep em Down

  1. Beautifully drawn

  2. Nice to see a moment where I don’t think there’s any possibility of something but genuinely mutual affection. Perhaps I’ve misjudged Stephanie, who knows. It’s fun to be surprised sometimes. 😉

    Looking forward to the next page!

  3. Just keeps on getting better.

  4. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all. Sometimes when the drawing feels right, it just comes out right.

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