Back from Jet City, but since I’m posting this well in advance of the weekend, I can’t tell you how it went. (Gee, I hope it went well).

To any new readers, welcome! I hope you enjoy the show.

And to my loyal older readers I just want to say thank you. Without you, I’d be just some lonely guy sitting in front of my computer until late in the night with my only audience being my two slightly crazy cats insisting that, since I’m up, they should get fed a second time.

And if you missed me at Jet City , you still have one more chance this coming weekend in Eugene OR. at Eucon comic con. (I might be drunk or hungover or both one of those days).  Come see me before I go into a self imposed exile next year.

Finally,  just one last reminder and normally I would shy away from such political talk but the time has come to cast your ballots! Tomorrow…VOTE! I don’t care who you vote for just so long as you participate. It’s something everyone needs to do. It is your right.

Vote like your life depends on it. …because it does!