Who would have thought we’d see the return of Beth’s little friend from here.

And on a completely non-sequitur note- It’s come to my attention (and anal retentiveness) that because time does in fact move forward on this comic, although slowly, I think I should give more specific ages for the characters in the hope that it will benefit the comic. And although most of them are very close of age to each other (since the original characters all graduated together) I still thought it was important to put it out there as well as their birth month (and corresponding astrological sign for those who really want excessive character details) Who knows. Maybe some of you out there will find it mildly interesting.
So as of the beginning of this chapter (book 5)…

Emrys –  Just turned 25/ Late June-Cancer

Mateo – 24/November-Scorpio

Jeff – 24/ August-Leo

Dave – 23/ September – Virgo

Shannon- 24/Late May – Gemini

Beth – 24 /May – Taurus (Shannon and Beth share birthdays that are only 3 days apart from each other)

Devon – 24/ Late October – Scorpio

Annabel – 23/ March – Pisces

JoJo – 23/ February – Aquarius

Stephanie – 23/ October – Libra

Mark – 24 at the time of his death/ January – Cappricorn

Rich – 24/ December – Sagittarius

Katie -18*/ April – Aries

  • This is a correction from the comic of a few days ago where Beth states that her sister is not even 18 yet where in fact she must have turned 18 two months prior.

McKrakkin – 823. (I kid, of course. She’s much older than that. Who knows what month she was born in. Did they even have calendars when she was born?


So with that, Emrys is oddly the oldest of the group with Jeff next to turn 25 in late summer and Mateo and Devon following the quarter of a century mark in the fall.