Who would have thought some characters would cause so much reaction.

Yes! Rich is an ass! And a creep. And untrustworthy.  That’s how he’s written. He’s not here to be liked.

Yes, Stephanie is manipulative. And extremely annoying at times. That’s how she’s written.  She has many flaws.

These characters are antagonists to the comic. Especially for this latest chapter (Book 5). The focus is really on these two and how they interact with the regular cast of characters and not necessarily in a good way.

With Rich, the reader is already privy to some bad intentions on his part that the other characters in the comic are not. I totally get the backlash on this character. As a writer, that’s exactly the response I was intending. In many ways, he’s a villain. (oh, and it might get worse).

With Stephanie, keep in mind, most of us have been in a bad relationship, some of us more than once. And some of us held onto these bad relationships far longer than we should have. That’s what I’m attempting to show here.

It can be kind of cringey to read especially when your only getting a comic twice a week and the storyline  may take months to tell, but there are satisfying resolutions on the horizon. It just may take a while. This chapter is turning out to be a bit longer than others. (Most have been 150 comics long. This one is looking like 200.)

I do enjoy your comments. I really do. I love that some of you have a visceral reaction to these extremely flawed characters and their actions. So as a writer, I know I’ve done my job. So I get how most of you don’t like these characters. I wouldn’t like them in real life myself. But alas, this is a comic mostly about relationships and right now I’m diving into the hurtful side of some of them.  But take heart. It won’t remain this way. And I have a feeling by the end of this chapter most of you will enjoy the conclusions. –Just keep in mind that the chapter’s end may not arrive until late next year.

I will, however, have some other lighter storylines to offset the Stephanie and Rich ones. (Devon and Annabel / Mateo and Mia) So hopefully that will help most of you reading this comic not to give up on it all together.

Quick Programming Note:

I should have the next Patreon Midnight Edition up by next fourth of July weekend with a special double sized comic. I’ll also post the finished book cover too and will be returning to the Greenman story in August. -Thanks for letting me catch up with that project. Finally I’ll also be sending out original drawings to the 10$ and plus Patreons  in July as well.