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8 1454

#645 Guy’s Night In

8 thoughts on “#645 Guy’s Night In

  1. And the creep-o-meter just keeps getting higher

  2. I love your work, however, if you could be so kind as to kill off Rich, in as horrible a way as possible as soon as possible, I would great appreciate that. I am getting sick and tired, of narcissistic assholes winning all the time. (Yes I might be thinking of politics right now) Cheers Ulrich.

  3. Well there’s a twist, I thought Rich just wanted revenge on Beth, but apparently there’s more to it than that, which is…disturbing.

    Maybe pay attention a little more guys?

  4. well, from what she has said that boat not only sailed, it sank like the Titanic besides it still looks like there are ulterior motives and he may just be trying to sucker the guys into being his allies

  5. The guy is a sleaze. And a stalker. Does he really think he can get back with Beth? Is that his angle? If so, you can add delusional to his list of unsavory attributes.

  6. If Mark were still alive, I wonder how he would feel about Rich’s return. I bet not too favorably!

  7. So previously Rich had been in Houston last. Wasn’t Emry the one originally from LA?


    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      AH! You’re right. Okay…um…he moved around? Lived both places during his absence? …If I had a no-prize, I’d give you one. 🙂

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