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13 3305

#689 Nowhere Man

13 thoughts on “#689 Nowhere Man

  1. This is painful to go through. But on some level, I’m happy.
    Maybe this has taken a lot of time (in the comics world, as opposed to the real world) but I’m glad Emrys is self aware and insightful enough and brave enough to realize and voice these things.

    Could have taken a lot longer and been a lot worse.

  2. He is finally starting to ask the right questions.

  3. #497! Almost 200 pages earlier you planted the seed of this conversation. Dude! Well done. Now if he can just finagle a farewell BJ…

  4. This is so painful. It’s like my first marriage. Took me 14 years until I stood up and told her no one time. She left me within a year for another whimp.

    Thirty plus years later with another and I am SO much better off.

  5. Egads, she really doesn’t have a clue, does she?

    Don’t back down, Emrys, carry on and move on, she’s proving that she’s not worth it with this little tantrum of hers. Nothing is worth this kind of abuse.

    Eric: A grammar suggestion, flip “still around” to “around still”, it sounds more conversational. 🙂

  6. Why does she still want him around? Maybe it’s his extra-long penis. Seriously, she really is that shallow.

    1. She is even more shallow than dried out puddle 😀

  7. I love how Emrys looks like he “got hit by a fully loaded truck under very long downhill without brakes” at panel 4 😀 Cuz that is the most accurate description of his situation 😀

  8. He needs to get rid of her. Greg was right.

  9. PS I refer to the BN character, Greg.

  10. I know this is a single painful confrontation in the comic, but for those of us out in the world… SLOW. MOTION. TRAIN. WRECK… and we can’t tear our eyes away….

  11. Stephanie:
    “FUCK YOU! If I’m controlling, it’s because you’re fucking spineless!”

    I just figured it out.

    Steph is a closet sub! She just can’t admit it to herself.

    She’s a pushy, controlling bitch because she wants and *needs* a Strong Master or Mistress to take control of her.

    If Emrys took her over his knee and paddled her butt until it matched the streak in her hair, she’d obey him like a well trained puppy

    Either that or she’s just a manipulative bitch and Emrys should just kick her to the curb ASAP.

    1. actually, she is just straight toxic. She will mold him into something she despises then walk away. he needs to cut and run but that is difficult to do, putting it mildly.

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