9 2160

9 2160

#690 Hard Candy

Just three more episodes and I can take my customary week off for Christmas. This year I want Santa to bring me lots of sleep.

9 thoughts on “#690 Hard Candy

  1. And shit has officially hit the fan.
    I think Steph might have a not so great view on relationships she needs to get over. And Devon’s relationship is at least proof to Emrys that there are decent ones out there.

  2. relationships run a gauntlet from 10 to negative 10 and this one is pretty low on the scale about time he decided to run

  3. About damned time.

    At least Emrys learned a good lesson here. He learned what a good relationship is *not*

  4. Drawings are really great in this run of conversation between Emrys and Stephanie– the dramatic, diagonal angles, extreme close-ups, etc., tell the story of what’s happening between them very effectively!

  5. Relationships are what you make of them, and unfortunately it takes both parties to make it work. With Stephanie’s attitdue that it can never be good or happy, it’s incredibly unlikely that it would ever work out. As with most situations in life, your mental attitude plays a key role in determining the outcome, and even when you don’t *feel* like things will work out, you have to push yourself to believe that they will, even if you don’t know how. Faith is something you have to constantly feed and nuture, rather like babies, and sometimes the emotional cost is heavy, but it ultimately makes life worth living.

  6. Steph’s not wrong, though.

    Anything involving people is inherently hard, and some people get through that smoothly, and most sorta kinda muddle through reasonably OK. and some just work together like cats and snow.

    It’s certainly not OK to stay in an abusive relationship, but expecting you’re not going to occasionally do something to piss your partner off and they’l be grumpy about it (and vice versa, of course) and you’ll fight is unrealistic.

  7. Emrys, I am almost proud of you 🙂

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QclETzGxYtg (1:06 )To answer Eric, is pink sparkling… good enough? 😀

  9. now he really needs to be on his guard, this is when they wither pull a 180 and try to put on the little miss perfect facade or go full psycho. get ready to flee brother!

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