12 3151

12 3151

760 Plainsong

12 thoughts on “760 Plainsong

  1. Well, Shan´s face expression at last panel is priceless.

  2. I very much dig Shannon in that last panel.

  3. Emrys has grown a pair … of frontal lobes.

    1. I’d say that he’s discovered how to use them.

  4. Enter Emerys, the sage.

  5. Emrys might have some experience with that feeling himself. And/or he got some wisdom from the shroomworm 🙂

  6. Mark’s ghost had a messenger now. If only Shannon can accept the message!

  7. *DING* Give the boy a gold star! And that’s a GREAT last panel.

  8. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time now. Shannon and Emrys really haven’t bonded at all in this series (he was kind of just there in the group), but Mark was the closest thing to a best friend Emrys had in this series, so if anyone knows how Shannon feels, it’s Emrys.

    I wonder if he’ll tell her he spoke to Mark when he was on a mushroom high?

  9. CoreyC, maybe instead Emrys should tell her he had a dream with Mark in it. I don’t think that’s too far from the truth. People often feel leery about hearing others’ drug experiences,

  10. Poor Shannon, no one wants to be in her shoes right now, I’m sure, and it’s nice that Emrys can be there for her. It remains to be seen how she’ll react, but overall, I think Shannon is a really great gal and she’s going to recognize his insight for what it is and, hopefully, take it to heart without going down another dark path of self-destruction.

  11. bohemiannightsthecomic

    So many wonderful comments. Where to start? Emrys has come a long way since he first appeared. And his journey is still beginning. Thank you all for your interest and enthusiasm for the comic. It truly makes me feel blessed.

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