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8 3896

779 Taking the Plunge

8 thoughts on “779 Taking the Plunge

  1. Boooo.
    Shannon, please don’t stop the Emerson and because you are too emotionally raw to get over Mark

    1. Emyrs and Beth**
      Stupid phone

  2. I hope Jeff isn’t jealous! 😉

  3. Shannon and Beth REALLY need to sit down and talk about what Beth truly wants, because Beth hasn’t told anyone about her true feelings for Emrys yet and, since Shannon and Emrys are now officially friends, I can see Shannon being a little overprotective of Emrys, especially since Stephanie manipulated him into isolating himself from the girls and no doubt his mom will try to boot the entire group out so she can get her offspring-servant back.

    Does Jeff have a crush on Beth? Why would he care if Beth was flirting big time with Emrys?

    1. Personally I think Jeff is worried about Emrys as a bro. Of all the group Jeff is the one he confided in the most so he has the clearest picture of what’s going on. I think he is simply worried that Emrys could get hurt big.

    2. I don’t get the impression that Jeff is worried about the situation, I think he’s better informed than Shannon is and thinks it’s about time something was said or done on the matter. I agree that Beth should talk to Shannon about it, but mainly as a courtesy so she won’t worry. Unless there’s something unreliable about Beth that I’m forgetting, I think she’s committing herself to this move and, being a Taurus, she’s going to have a one track mind about it. Maybe not the proverbial “Bull in a China Shop”, because I think she’s more aware of Emrys’ fragile mental and emotional state right now than she’s being given credit for, but also because if she truly cares deeply for him, she’s going to want to treat him well. My impression of Beth has always been that she is supportive to a fault in a relationship, which is what she pretty much said already to Emrys when she related her past history with Rich, so I’m curious what Shannon’s concern is if she already knows Beth’s past.

      Regardless of the details, I’m happy to see things finally move in the direction I’ve been hoping for pretty much since I started reading this comic. 😀

  4. sure hope Shannon doesn’t cause any un-necessary issues here

  5. Beth saying “it was time I took the plunge” has a clever double meaning. 😉

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