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778 Hot ‘n Wet

13 thoughts on “778 Hot ‘n Wet

  1. OK, that was quite explicit Ms. Primrose 🙂

  2. I am starting to think Beth’s flirting is getting switched from subtle to overt…. and Emrys is still probably unsure if it’s all in his head

  3. I’m expecting this arc to end with Beth making her grand confession of love as Emrys’s mom tries to boot the gang out of his life. Emrys will choose to go back to Portland, he and Beth will get together, they’ll ride off into the sunset… and then Stephanie will show up as the final major obstacle. There is a reason why she was put in the middle of the road trip arc. Emrys and Beth are going to have to deal with her sooner or later.

    Of course, knowing that Stephanie is waiting in the wings kind of deflates the tension on whether or not Emrys’s mom convinces him to stay with her and boot the gang out. It’s kind of like the third season of the Flash, where Barry chooses to be absorbed by the Speed Force for eternity even though the next Big Bad, Davoe, was already set up to face Barry next season.

    1. If I was Steph I’d stay far from Beth. There’s still THAT Beth’s Promise.

  4. I’m also thinking Shannon and Beth should have a heart to heart about Emrys. Granted, I also think Emrys and Shannon’s friendship should blossom a little before this happens, but Beth has been on the fence about Emrys and if he would become another Rich or Tony, and Shannon should be the one to help solidify that Emrys is the PERFECT man for Beth.

  5. Aw heck, so she forgot her huge crush on Jeff? How disappointing! 😉

  6. I can’t blame Beth for calling him “Mr. Llewellyn” because I can never remember his first name either. 😉

  7. That’s some delicious multiple entendre in the last panel.

  8. Promises, promises!

  9. Y’know, the more I see of Shannon (no pun intended), the more I like her and hope that she manages to pull herself away from drugs. Sober, she’s caring, attentive, observant and kinda sweet in her own way. I can see why she and Beth have been close friends for years, they have compatible personalities even without the shared experiences.

    Beth, I think, is coming to the conclusion that she needs to make a move before Emrys is embroiled in direct face-to-face conflict with his mother. I’m not sure if she’s going to jump into the relationship too fast and put him off somehow, but it seems fairly clear that she wants him to know she’s interested enough that he will return to Portland with them. Part of me is thankful if that’s her plan, and part of me thinks Emrys is still in for an emotional rollercoaster, and I feel badly for him. A domineering parent upsetting you at the same time as a longtime crush is flirting with you could really mess with your mind & heart. I don’t have personal experience with that exact situation, but I’ve had a crush flirt with me and then shut me down and it’s not an enjoyable experience, to say the least. Hopefully things won’t get too out of hand for him to sort through and make the right decision.

    1. P.S. That last panel…you did a great job delivering Beth’s innuendo, particularly with the shaded eyes and the tiniest of smiles. That’s the kind of look that would quicken your pulse for sure if you were paying attention. It worked for me, at least. 😉

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        Thanks. I like how that last panel turned out too.

  10. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all. Love hearing from you.

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