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14 3452

819 Dancing Away

Busy busy weekend on the home front. I am exhausted. Also, remember my little announcement I was going to mention today? Yeah, well. Hang in there for another week. It's coming. It's nothing earth-shattering, but most will find it interesting. Thanks for your patience.

14 thoughts on “819 Dancing Away

  1. So, will we see another way too wrong understanding of situation and Emrys will Jihaaad Robert´s arse? 🙂

    1. Ha! That’s ridiculous … Oh wait, he might actually do that, after his big speech there. Stay calm, Emrys …

  2. The pain is always real. The hope is always fleeting. And Beth is always Beth. Choose your risks carefully.

  3. A Reader from Germany

    “All Beths are off” 😉

    1. Ich weiß nur “All your base are belong to us.” 😀

      1. Mann sollte viel mehr wissen….

        1. Stimmt!

  4. Just leave. Emrys… you’re drunk and you’ll probably make the situation worse if you try anything. If Beth REALLY wants you, she’ll see you leave and follow… if not, then oh well.

    I’ve been raised to be very hands off in terms of romance. My family believes that the girl should be the one to ask the guy out, and to do it simply and plainly. No subtle flirting like Beth is doing, which we consider “just being friendly.”

    Now, this way of thinking HAS cost me a potential relationship with a cute barista who used to work across the street from my job and later left for the suburbs because I never took her hints as anything but common coutesy, but I still maintain that Beth needs to quit hinting that she likes Emrys as more than a buddy and just confess her feelings, or just leave him alone.

  5. “If you booze, you lose” may be the lesson of this story. 😉

    1. Then we have here Team of Losers 😀

      1. @Gorbi1985, XD XD XD

  6. “fish or cut bait” came to mind a while ago for Emrys. I’ve been on the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” side for some time, tempered with a dose of consideration and politesse.

  7. I actually understand his hesitation. he took his shot before and got smacked down by Beth. It’s only natural to not want to touch the hot stove again.

  8. Yes, “once burned, twice shy” and I hope Emrys will overcome his fears and doubts and ask Beth to dance.

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