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#818 Let’s Dance

12 thoughts on “#818 Let’s Dance

  1. Crap, craps, crapper. This might be an epic missunderstood.

    And when we are at trans https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JBI4wXMc8Xw 🙂

  2. That was a cheap shot at the transvesite I love your comic. You portrayed Mark’s death so well. And Devon’s bisexuality was portrayed well too. This kinda shit gets trans people killed.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I really do apologize if I offended you or anyone else in the trans gender community. It was not written to be disparaging. But also these characters are not all perfect either. I write them with flaws. Sometimes those flaws go against some people’s beliefs. As with Mark’s death (in which I got mail that was upset on how I portrayed cops) this doesn’t reflect my own beliefs, but it is true to the characters. Believe me, these characters are going to say and do things that may piss people off. (Dave especially). I need to portray them as infallible. But I’m still not trying to go overboard on them. There was a time I thought I’d push them even more to the unlikable side (something along the lines of a show called Shameless?) but I just couldn’t go there.
      I hope you’ll forgive me for writing this way, but it’s important that I continually write characters in a way that is true to some people that are actually out there. I’m neither glorifying or condemning their actions, I’m just portraying them as they are.

      1. Thank you for responding so thoroughly and kindly to my comment. I get it, I really do. Life just sucks sometimes. I still really like this comic, so I’m not going anywhere. You’re doing it right if you can elicit such a strong response from a reader.

  3. It can be lots of fun meeting former classmates. I did it myself last summer. We talked for hours about the “good old days.” 😉

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Le’t see how an old flame works out…

  4. Ooh, just when Emrys believes Beth is finally ready to take the plunge with him, a Cute Rando appears. After her conversation with Shannon about what Beth really wants, I think it’ll be interesting whether she excuses herself from the new guy to confess her feelings toward Emrys or give in to her previous pattern and have a one-night hook up, which no doubt will make the drive back REALLY awkward.

    It’s hard to write trans people. I feel that they must be represented but at the same time so many cis writers make them into a joke or an overly tragic martyr that they’ll always be a bomb that will offend SOMEONE! I was told once that maybe cis people shouldn’t write trans people at all, but that opens another can of worms because they exist and I feel they need some sort of representation as PEOPLE and not jokes or martyrs. It’s taken DECADES for straight-leaning writers to get gay characters to come off as actual human beings with strengths and flaws and not the flamboyantly Gay Best Friend or Tragic Martyr, so writing a trans character that serves no real purpose to the story other than a potential one night stand with a drunk MC is REALLY difficult.

  5. The person Dave is dancing with is described as a “transvestite” which means someone who wears the opposite gender’s clothes. Some are heterosexual, but my guess is Dave’s new friend is not.

    1. I´d say we will see, whether he/she/it is transsexual or just transvestite.

  6. I can’t figure how to comment meaningfully, my brain is too scrambled after this week, but it looks like more drama is incoming. Hopefully it won’t be too painful.

    Happy Friday folks, and keep placing your trust in Eric to tell the story how it needs to be told, as a tale about our fellow humans, with both flaws and virtues. He’s done a great job for over 800 pages, so don’t bail on him now. This is a labor of love for him, it has to be for him to give up sleep for it when he has to be responsible and caring for his family and hold down his day job. If something offends you, take a moment to step back and calm yourself before commenting, because sometimes it only takes a few moments of reflection to prevent saying something hurtful or easily misinterpreted.

  7. I hope to read much more of BN. I think it’s exceptionally well-written. If something offends me, I just shrug it off and remember nobody’s perfect and there’s no accounting for taste.

  8. And we’re off! Beth is Beth.

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