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8 6790

829 Something Like Me

8 thoughts on “829 Something Like Me

  1. Damn! Emerys cannt catch a break!

    So next week will Jeff come up to the hotel room to see Emerys standing on the balcony contemplating jumping and stopped him just in time. With The Fray’s Save A Life playing?

    I have to say, reading this, I often forget that these are not real people.

  2. Well, Beth is firmly back in her pattern, only it seems worse this time because the first time she had a one night stand after having a moment with Emrys it was a knee-jerk reaction. Beth seemed genuinely shocked that she woke up the next morning naked with a guy she didn’t know. This time she KNOWS what she’s doing, and it isn’t helping that the girls, with the exception of Shannon, are encouraging her. (Seriously, WTF, Devon?) At this point I am hoping that Robert turns out to be a real nice guy and a Rich-level creep, their date is a huge success, and Robert follows Beth home to try to work things out just as Stephanie re-enters Emrys’s life.

    Nice drawing on the panel which has Emrys looking completely defeated and heartbroken. I am kind of iffy about Shannon sending Jeff to talk Emrys down from… whatever he’s about to do, rather than talking to him herself. Jeff is getting really romantic now with Jojo, so a guy with a girlfriend talking to a single, heartbroken, and desperate man miiight not be a good idea.

  3. That next-to-last panel could have come off the last page of some old issue of the Spectacular Spider-Man. Where Peter just found out Mary Jane’s going out with Flash Thompson again, and he walks off into the sunset alone … again.

  4. I think Jeff should talk to Emrys. There’s no real need for Emrys to despair- he actually has a lot going for him in his life, whether he ever becomes more than friends with Beth or not.

  5. At this point Emrys should let Beth go. She freindzoned him and he deserves better.

  6. The artwork and story just keeps getting better and better.

  7. love the drawing of Emrys walking away, it just seems to match his mood

  8. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all for the fantastic feedback and comments. I’m going to try to respond to each one them more often.

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