Aaaaaand we’re back!

It was a long two weeks away but I’m finally back and ready to finish out the story line over the next couple of months. Thank you all for holding your breath till the comic came back. (I’m just glad I missed out on the 114 degree weather up here!)

As for the Kickstarter….well…. It doesn’t look like it will meet the goal.

BUT…. That doesn’t mean I won’t try again. I think the problem was I went for a much too high print run of 400 books. (What was I thinking of, right?) So the next time I do this I’ll be shooting for a much lower print run of 100 which will put the pledge goal to around 2000 …. which I’m over  that amount right now! So hold tight. I’ll be re-running the Kickstarter in a week or two and hopefully will get it all finished. I may even add a few new reward tiers. Anyone out there have any suggestions?