7 3200

7 3200

833 Hidden Garden of Delights

Oops! Sorry for the late comic post. I think the timer I set today's comic to go live got set to a wrong time. But it's fixed and up now. Enjoy.  

7 thoughts on “833 Hidden Garden of Delights

  1. I have quite a few feature dancer friends, and they all tell me Vegas was a pretty easygoing place… until the pandemic hit. Since COVID nearly destroyed the entertainment industry as a whole, strip clubs in particular had to find new ways just to stay alive. I’m guessing this is the gang finding out just how they did it.

  2. Well I hope the group enjoys being the victi,,,, i mean patrons of that high end club.

  3. Two drink minimum? Sure, I’ll have two glasses of tap water. 😉

    1. “If it’s not on the menu, it isn’t available.”

      I bet that’d be the response you get.


  4. This looks like need for very fast run out of city 😀

  5. Oh crap. This got nerve-wracking in a hurry!

    Why do I get the impression that this “high end” club is run by Russian mafia types? They don’t play games, they hurt you, badly, if you don’t do what they “suggest”. Now that taxi driver doesn’t seem so nice after all…in fact I’d like to throttle him for dropping our friends off at this place, because you know that he’s getting paid to do it, though I suppose it’s also possible that he “owes” them something and is basically a slave.

    About the only “easy” exit I can think of is pool to their money and hopefully have enough to buy the cheapest drinks available to meet the minimum and then exit with all their bits in their original condition. Sin City indeed, and this might be a harsh way to find out just how sinful it can be…and not in a good way. I hope I’m wrong and this goes better than it looks like it will!

    Happy Friday, everyone. 🙂

  6. Won’t be the first time I’ve paid a lot for a not all that great a time! LOL.

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