10 2144

10 2144

834 Something to Do

I'll be switching scenes from character to characters a lot in these last few comics until the end of the night. Also, the Kickstarter is over half way funded with a little over two weeks left. I'm really hoping this time will be the time to finally get the first book compilation printed. If you love the comic but are still on the fence about contributing, now is the time to jump in. Every little bit helps. Check out the Kickstarter page at the top of the website to show you all the extra stuff you can get!

10 thoughts on “834 Something to Do

  1. So Jeff DID get the Fancy Dinner. I’m happy all that effort Emrys put in wasn’t wasted.

    I’m kind of surprised that Jojo doesn’t know why Emrys is depressed since she knew Emrys wanted to take Beth to dinner and told him that Beth was going out with a dreamboat instead.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Jojo may not have been to perceptive. And/or she might not have heard all the conversation between Beth and Emrys. In her mind, Emrys may have been making some plans for everyone while Beth had to say ‘nope’ got other plans tonight. The others are kind of in the same boat of not really knowing too much of what’s going on between Beth and Emrys with the exception of Shannon and Jeff.

  2. English is not my first language, so I don’t know what rouCH patch is. Also, I remember that I confused patch and path when I was younger.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Nope. Just a typo. Otherwise known as a typical Clements Comic πŸ˜‰ fixed it.

      1. And Is Emrys patCHing his heart, or is he going on a rough paTH?

  3. Nice firelight! Your sad sack character could really be a little more appreciative of your art πŸ™‚

  4. Dangit, I was really counting on Jeff and Joanna to stabilize Emrys a little bit, but I understand how he feels, which means I know that sometimes there’s nothing anyone around you can do to cheer you up, because you don’t want to feel happy, or even normal. Life is even more challenging when you feel that way, but unlike my experience, I think Emrys has friends who will be more aggressive in trying to help him gain perspective. Being around Beth, of course, will just keep the wound open, especially if she tries to be nice or flirt with him after her night out, which I suspect she might do unless she takes Robert more seriously than just a fling.

    I don’t envy your situation at all, Emrys. Hang in there and don’t shut out Jeff or Shannon, especially. I think JoJo will come around once she knows what’s going on, Annabelle too maybe since she seems to be pretty sensitive to others moods. Dave and Devon might even surprise you. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh! I was so focused on Emrys I forgot to mention, Jeff has finally shown us feelings about JoJo that are a little less ambiguous, which is a welcome bonus. Time will tell if she feels the same, but to use a little internet parlance, I definitely “ship it”. πŸ˜‰

  5. Emrys isn’t having fun, but he may be better off than his friends at the β€œHidden Garden.”

  6. I’m looking for the appearance of Uncle Birch.

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