A lot to update everyone so let’s dive in.

First off, my job situation. Still looking for something better, but I’ve managed to get myself off phones for more than half the time doing work that doesn’t require me to talk to irate customers, which helps a lot. I’m still exhausted by my job, especially this time of year, but with more off phone time, my demeanor should improve. I’m still looking for something better (or this comic turning into a full time job or even some other art job) but now I don’t have to stress over it as bad.

Now for the comic, I’m planning on returning back to twice a week shortly. hopefully by the end of the month. I’m pretty behind on all aspects in making the comic, but I plan on catching up over the next couple of weeks, including reaching out to my new Patreons and fulfilling some of the new pledge level rewards. A big thanks who wrote in with very understanding comments. I appreciate the support and believe me, nothing will make more more happier than getting back into the thick of creating this comic. (The Patreon Midnight Edition comic for this month WILL be out this weekend for sure). So just a couple more weeks of one comic a week and then I’ll be back up to speed and back to twice a week.

Now for the very good (and very surprising) news: At the last minute, it seems, Emerald City Comic Con had a few extra openings for their Artist Alley and they asked me to sign up! So I did! So it looks like I’ll be attending the the huge comic con in Seattle that I think I’ve been trying for the past eight years to attend! Getting a table there is like Charlie finding the golden ticket in a chocolate bar. And who knows if I’ll get this opportunity again. So if any of you are in the northwest December 2-5 (four days! yikes!) come on down to the Seattle convention center! I’ll, of course, update more as soon as I know myself. (They haven’t even finalized the times). So Emerald City, Here I Come!!  

And finally, today’s comic features the second half of another Patreon who gets a walk on appearance in the comic. (originally this was written as one episode, but there was just too much so it had to be cut into two.) Once again, Rob Wingrove’s wonderful artwork can be seen HERE. And thanks for supporting the comic all these years.

Okay. That’s it for now. Next comic is again next Friday, but things will return back to the normal twice a week real soon.

Thank you all again for your support and understanding. You are the best!