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9 9209

#898 Czech Your Back

And now we have another Patreon supporter appearance. All the way from the Czech Republic, long time reader and commenter, Jakob Jonás. Jakob being a truck driver himself was the perfect fit for delivering goods to the market. -And delivering his own style of scathing humor. 

Thank you for all your support. You are very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy your two part appearance. 

9 thoughts on “#898 Czech Your Back

  1. Yup, even my “Arschloch” or “Meďour” made it 🙂 And thank you for not making me that fat as I am in real life 🙂 Just for last panel, I have dark brown eyes. Probably it wasn’t visible well at photos thru my glasses. Thank you anyway. Great job. Especially at making me look like a human 😀 Jakub “Gorbi1985” Jonáš

  2. Oh no, ambushed by Mrs. McKrakkin! Drive, Gorbi! Drive like the wind! 😀

    1. It might end differently, than you think 🙂

  3. Congrats Gorbi! Don’t let Mrs. M. faze you! You know, she’s like that to everyone. 😉

    1. If I quote a meme: “Ah, a worthy oponent. Our fight will be legendary.” 🙂 (At least, I sent Eric some options) 😀

  4. @Gorbi, Yes, as a wise philosopher put it “One cannot be too careful in one’s choice of enemies.” 🙂

  5. It’s so fun to write a comment while you are standing in the sea in Senigallia, Italy 🙂

  6. I hope you’re having fun Gorbi.
    (A bit of advice: don’t let the sun burn your outside, and don’t let the booze burn your inside.) BTW, I really like your country’s flag. It has a very clever design. 😉

    1. Well, it was perhaps the most maniodepresive ride I had in my 7 years long career of truck driver.

      And I am glad you like our flag. You may find also historical suggestions of flag after Declaring of Czechoslovakia in 1918 here https://www.stoplusjednicka.cz/sites/default/files/45166275_10156066514832736_1540721617955454976_n.jpg

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