10 10507

10 10507

#900 Careful Navigations

Well, here we are. #900! I was thinking of doing an "Ask the Characters Questions" page for today, but since no one wrote in with questions, we will just move right along with the conclusion to the Devon and her parents storyline. Maybe I'll do another ask the characters page down the road.

Also had some problems with this site off and on this weekend not loading up properly.  It's nothing on my end. Dreamhost has been having issues and they are attempting to fix them. Hopefully all will be well when today's page is up.

Also, after four years of not updating the cast page, I've finally updated it to include a whole slew of the newer characters along with updated bios on them (without giving away too much to new readers.) And most of the pictures updated as well. 

10 thoughts on “#900 Careful Navigations

  1. Surprise, Motherlover!!! 😀

  2. Mmmmm, donuts! I bet they’re chocolate! 😉

  3. The flop hits the fan!

  4. I wonder if any of the doughnuts have a filling that is nice to lick out. I bet both girls would be really good with them!

    1. guys wouldn’t be, no matter how much they think they are!

      1. Ouch! Yeah, there is probably a lot of truth there, no matter how hard we try! XD

  5. Well, that’s one way to break it to her parents.

  6. Honestly, I had a question(s) for Shannon, but did not know how to write them. So I let it pass, but due to that I realize how much I care for fictional character. So kudos to Eric for how well he can write characters. (BTW I wrote this earlier, but it got lost on way to server)

  7. Speaking of doughnuts, there is quite a line at Voodoo as I write this. Ah, to be young and gluten-tolerant.

  8. If the gluten doesn’t get you, the grease will. 😉 I hope Devon never told her parents “We’re just good friends” about Annabel. This would only exacerbate the situation.

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