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901 Cat out of the Bag

16 thoughts on “901 Cat out of the Bag

  1. Lol, drama much mum?
    Now for dear old dad’s reaction….

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS1HIThPcz8 Since discovering this, please do not mention “old dad” in front of me 😀 And taking in mind huge amount of general hypocrisy in society, there is some chance that Devon´s dad might have internet history full of lesbian porn. That also might make him to check it preventively, to be sure he´ll find Devon not in that 😀

  2. It’s a common tale of parents disowning their kids because they are gay or in a relationship with one of the same gender. I will never understand parents like that. Parents who literally would rather have a dead child than a Life gay one.

    1. My spouse never quite got over her American Baptist upbringing, so when our son and his bride were expecting their child she kept trying to find out what it was to be. Our son, being both highly intelligent and well-educated, suggested that it didn’t really matter, as it might grow to change its mind. This quieted her a bit.

      I discretely withheld that I was acquainted with a sizeable cohort of youngsters in a non-biological extended family which contained a wide variety of interests….

  3. It’s very sad that in this day and age there are still many who think like Devon’s Mom. The Bible condemns homosexuality but it also endorses slavery. Isn’t it time for people to think for themselves?

    1. It’s more than a little dubious to say that the Bible condemns homosexuality. the most frequently cited passage is from Leviticus, and in older translations apparently condemns sex with young boys, not with consenting adults. in fact, far from condemning homosexuality, in 1 Samuel there is what looks an awful lot like a marriage between David and his best friend!

  4. When my nephew came out to his Southern Baptist parents, I was pleasantly surprised at their supportive reactions. His father did confide to me that he “didn’t understand it.” I only said, “that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to understand it. He’s your son, so you only have to accept it as his life.” And he has continued to be supportive of his son and wonderful son-in-law.

    1. They also like to use romans Ch1 verses 24 to 27

  5. Boy, her Mom must be the ultimate Drama Queen.

  6. Her hand on her head and the other on her heart. Oh my lawd, give this woman a fainting couch, since she’s obviously from a 1930s melodrama.

    1. She is just a whalebone corset away from a Victorian drama.

      1. I do declare, I detect an acute case of the vapors!

  7. Quick! Someone get the smelling salts! 😉

  8. “Řekla jsem svému jedinému synovi, že je průduch!!” (Jára Cimrman, purely Czech meme) 😀

  9. Someone get Mom a swooning lounge! She’s having the vapors! I do declare!

  10. Devon’s look of outrage and disbelief in the last panel is memorable. 🙂

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