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#937 Order’s Up



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26 thoughts on “#937 Order’s Up

  1. He’s not wrong

  2. Expected trouble in paradise.
    I like Emrys standing up for himself, after Stephanie. But I can also sympathize with Beth’s anxiety.

  3. Well Beth, Emrys is no longer a rag to wipe floor with, as you known him.

  4. I admire that great work of shadows on Emrys. It’s really well done. It emphasizes Emrys’ dislike of keeping that secret to me.

  5. @Gorbi1985, I was thinking the same thing about the shading on Beth in the last panel.

    1. Also that fogged/milked Emrys glass at pre last panel makes me curious. What does that mean? Or is it just some light reflection?

  6. everybody seems to be taking Emrys’s side, but whether he understands them or not, shouldn’t he be taking Beth’s concerns seriously? (yes. the answer is yes.)

    1. @Grace:
      To my eyes, he Is taking her seriously…
      …but his answer is not what she wants to do.
      While she’d rather avoid the situation, he wants the 2 of them to confront this head-on, together, as a united front.
      In the last 2 panels, he’s going along with her wishes, & also saying that he’s not happy with her choice, but that he won’t force her hand.

      1. The question I have is, is she embarrased to be dating Emrys? that is certaintly the impression she is giving off, especially with her past history of flaunting her romantic life.

    2. Grace, Try turning it around. Consider how Beth would react if she wanted to tell everyone but Emrys wanted to keep it quiet. She would be irate, as would any woman. I can already hear, “Why? Are you ashamed of me?”

      1. and then Emrys would go off in a snit about it, as would any man?

  7. On a separate note, these 2 need to have a private talk about Stephanie’s apology, her request to get back together, the way Emrys rejected her, & the details of **WHY**.

    1. I also notice that on Pg.931, Emrys says Beth’s name just before he sees Stephanie, which begs the question…
      …did she hear him speak Beth’s name?
      It’s not unreasonable to say that he’d assumed that Beth was going to let everyone know about the 2 of them, & the reveal that it wasn’t Beth would be all the more disappointing as a result, which probably is the “fuel” powering the talk on this page.

      1. It makes sense that he’s not going into detail here (this topic needs much more privacy), but she needs to be aware of this encounter – ASAP!

        1. bohemiannightsthecomic

          Agreed! Beth should know what transpired between Emrys and Steph.
          ….but will he….?

        2. @Eric:
          It’s going to be so much worse, the longer it takes for her to find out. If she learns it from someone else, it’ll further reinforce her negative issues.

  8. agree with Grace. Emrys could have listened to Beth & let her go in first. should not have left her outside while she’s still nervous. Also imagine Beth going in first and seeing Stephanie at the table with sole empty seat next to her. Then imagine Emrys going first sitting in that sole empty seat and then Beth walking in and seeing them sitting together. ??

  9. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Beth has a legitimate reason for not reviling hers and Emrys’ relationship to her friends -especially Shannon, who in the past seemed to cast doubt on Beth’s relationship judgement (and to some degree, rightfully so). She just wanted some time without anyone knowing to strengthen the relationship. Emrys on the other hand feels like keeping their relationship a secret is an admission that their new relationship is somehow something to be ashamed of.
    Unfortunately, this is a situation where both characters are right. It’s not a case of either Beth or Emrys is right. Which is a lot like life. It’s complex. And they will have to work it out on their own timetable. These are the kind of characters and stories l like a lot. Where there is no clear cut ‘good person/bad person.’
    That said, this whole ‘friends at the bar’ scene was written and finished before everyone here started to ponder what will happen. on today’s page. Keep that in mind with the upcoming pages…

    1. Just wanted to say, thanks for chiming in, Eric. For what it’s worth, I think that while Emrys has an honest motivation for wanting to reveal the truth, I have to side with Yud that he should be more patient and also not leave her outside alone. Beth stated her position and if Emrys wants this relationship to work, he should respect that and give her time and support her so they can work through it together. They haven’t been together very long yet (a couple of weeks since the road trip, tops?), so it shouldn’t really be a big deal. Maybe Emrys, aside from being happy to finally be with Beth, is trying to show off?

  10. I say she should walk in, sit in his lap and kiss him in front of everyone and just deal with it

  11. I guess SOME good came out of Emrys’ relationship with Stephanie.

    He’s no longer a doormat.

  12. I went thru something like this once, with a woman that deeply cared for. There’s nothing like being made to feel like a nasty secret to ruin a relationship. I wonder how Beth would feel if Emrys told her that he didn’t want anyone to know that he was seeing her. No reason, just not sure they would approve and that was more important to him then her.
    She needs therapy and he needs to get out of that cowflop of a relationship.

  13. I totally get Emrys’ point.
    No one wants to be the ‘dirty secret’.

  14. Stephanie was terrible to Emrys, but I do how she presents “temptation” to Emrys right now, especially since Beth isn’t exactly a saint herself. Unfortunately I see Beth’s side if she did explain that she was now dating Emrys- Shannon would be irate. Shannon would probably think Beth was either cheating on her Vegas hookup or, if Beth tried explaining that the date she went on turned sour because the guy was married, she’d think that Emrys was Beth’s consolation prize. Beth falling back into her toxic cycle of throwing herself at losers during the trip when she supposedly made her decision to go after Emrys really soured Shannon’s opinion of her, especially since Emrys was there for Shannon when she needed him the most. This is really a no win situation. SOMEONE is getting into a verbal sparring match with Beth, either Emrys if Beth still refuses to tell the gang about them or Shannon if she does.

  15. Did Eric forget to post new page?

  16. Emrys should have let Beth go in first. He also could have said, “We don’t have to tell them anything tonight. So we can relax. They’re our friends.”

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