12 8651

12 8651

#938 First Round

Welp....Dikface_Dirk called it!

And this page was almost completed before last week's page even went up. 
Consider yourself no-prized.

Midnight Edition is almost done too and should be up this week before this weekend cos....

This weekend.....

I'll be in Artist Alley--Table 520 (wherever that is...)

Come join me if you are in the northwest neighborhood. 

12 thoughts on “#938 First Round

  1. Ichbineinberliner

    Whoaa, that really took me by surprise! Good and bold move of yours, Beth! And shortens the explaining a lot…

  2. “A NU, CHEEKI BREEKI I V DAMKE!!!” (STALKER game serie). And yaaay, page is up 🙂 Way to go Beth. The Best way to make a statement 🙂

    And one small personal: Emrys, I hope you dont need drink because of one unhumanly looking trucker 🙂

  3. Shannon: “so THAT’S who the fancy undies are for!”

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed here, because I have too many thoughts on how this could go wrong or right. 🙂

  5. Awesome. Nice update. Beth is all in. Or Emrys is… 😉

  6. ‘Crowns are for the valiant – sceptres for the bold!
    Thrones and Powers for mighty folk who dare to take and hold!’
    – paraphrased from “Cold Iron” by Rudyard Kipling

  7. I did not see that coming.
    I was expecting a hundred pages of angst and drama. This is… refreshing!

    1. We may still get drama, concerning who”s been supplying Beth’s little sister with drugs.

  8. Yipeeee!!!

    1. kai yay 😀

  9. Someone needed a bit of a clue bat upside the cranium, regardless of who saw it happen. Well-played, Eric!

  10. Wow! (And I approve!) 🙂

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