9 8909

9 8909

#950 Ask Mrs. McKrakkin

Wisdom! -Mckrakkin Style!


9 thoughts on “#950 Ask Mrs. McKrakkin

  1. Not sure, if I understand correctly what McK says. And I am even less sure I want to be corrected.

  2. Mrs McKrakkin is the font of all wisdom.

  3. Well, I have to admit, she makes some valid points about life in general, because we all worry about things that aren’t necessarily worth worrying over. Usually you learn better discernment with age and experience, but sometimes it takes longer to learn certain lessons. My personal opinion on the matter is currently that you do your best to plan ahead, or think of the potential problems, but more importantly learn to adjust your expectations and respond accordingly to actual circumstances. In short: be prepared, but adapt as necessary. The less you worry over things you cannot possibly control, the healthier and happier you’ll be. 🙂

  4. “So stiff and rigid it takes you 20 minutes just to wipe your ass”. Oh. That’s Brilliant! And I needed this laugh.

  5. oh, the foot cramps!

  6. she forgot the joy of pulling a muscle while sleeping!

  7. She hasn’t lost her edge! (Ouch!) 😉

  8. I….. can’t…… Unread…….. this……… must…….find the………steel……wool…….and…….bleach………
    Mc kraken rides again folks. Time to go take a bathe in boric acid and lye soap…..

    No readers we’re harmed in the making of this post……

  9. @Gorbi, I can’t understand it either but she sounds very dirty. :))

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