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951 My Future’s so Bright…

Thank you all for your Mckrakkin questions. I hope you enjoyed last post. I'll have her return with more life affirming answers to your questions very soon.

7 thoughts on “951 My Future’s so Bright…

  1. Yeah. What to do with your life? I ask that myself too. And I am way older than our Gang (36). Ghosted my lover, who neglect me, thinking how long I can keep trucking and also lying at home with bronchitis. So yes, this page is so relatable to me.

  2. Good to see Mateo again! Right now I’m sure he’s riding high on life because it is treating him well and he has worked (with some luck) to make it happen, but it doesn’t diminish the value of his question. A lot of people struggle with the question of, “What do I want to do with my life?”, sometimes even past the point where they are able to do much about it, but usually that hard look at their dreams, goals, skills and opportunities leaves them without a clear answer. Like Gorbi, I am much older than these folks (and older than him too by a decade plus), but even I can relate to Mateo’s clarion call. We get so busy making ends meet that many of us lose our way and wonder why we aren’t as happy as we could be. So do yourself a favor sometime soon and take a quiet, long look at what you want out of life and then figure out how to work towards it. As I read recently, motivation isn’t the problem, that comes and goes just like being happy or sad, but commitment to your goal, whatever it may be, will see you through those tough days. Breaking promises to others harms your credibility and relationships, but breaking promises to yourself can crush your hope and break your spirit, so don’t let yourself down. 🙂

  3. Thraceius, your point is very well made. For example, Emrys wants to be an artist… but an artist needs a portfolio, with samples of their better works.
    All of them could become trapped on the treadmill of “hand to mouth”…

  4. sometimes we forget that big creams can be accomplished with small steps and dreams to change over time as well. Also I would like to point out that Mateo isn’t the only one working towards a bright future. After all Jeff is building a lasting relationship with Jojo and working towards hjis dream of being a chef.

  5. Geeze, how long has it been since Mateo has hung out with the rest of the gang? I’d almost forgotten that he wasn’t there for pretty much everything that happened post-Vegas road trip.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yeah. Mateo has been busy with his music career and doesn’t have a lot of free time at the moment.

  6. It’s rude to point at people, Jeff. >sigh<. I guess JoJo hasn’t been able to civilize him yet. ;). A recent study claims that people who do good things for others feel better about themselves. I’m retired and I do volunteer work, nothing stressful, but I try to do something every day. I think it helps me with realizing my priorities and not get hung up on “luxury problems.”

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