19 7757

19 7757

#957 Bait and Hook up

And here's the missing comic from last week. It's a doozy!

Now for all of you readers I'm giving you aย 


From now till the end of August, I'll be putting out two comics a week (Monday and Friday). As a special THANK YOU to all of you.

I wish I could post twice a week all the time, but it looks like I'll be getting a different job soon so I may not have the time and flexibility for two comics a week in the future.ย 

-But for now...enjoy!

19 thoughts on “#957 Bait and Hook up

  1. Yep……and the incredibly bad decisions just keep being made. She’s going to end up great with child and brow beating Dave or pinning it on Emrys……

  2. Thanks Eric for more summer reading fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. A doozy? Eric, I think you understated that a bit, even if I saw this eventuality, it still feels like a huge thunderstorm is about to roll into town. Yikes!
    Hope you’re home safely and getting a chance to enjoy the summertime a little, Eric, and congratulations on the new job, I hope it works out great! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh, and thanks for the double production for August, it’ll be a treat even if it’s going to be drama central. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. would Beth and Emrys really care that much, it gets the two of them out of their hair in a way after all its a win/win for Beth, he is away from her sister and Steph is no longer any competition

    1. To them, probably not, but Shannon still has some feelings for Dave and no doubt would try to get involved after seeing what Stephanie did to Emrys. And since Emrys made a promise to Mark’s ghost to look after Shannon, I can see him getting involved out of concern for her safety.

    2. Maybe not. But you don’t know what’s flying through Steph’s brain.

  5. Dave is wasted but Steph knows what she’s doing โ€“ย namely, using him. For what exactly, I don’t know โ€“ maybe just to have a spy and troublemaker inside the group โ€“ย but I would guess the hookup is only the beginning. She’ll have things to regret later but I don’t think an unintended pregnancy will be one of them.

  6. Welp, it seems any good will Stephanie earned post-epiphany has been thrown out the window. And I’m actually feeling a little sorry for Dave right now because he KNOWS this is wrong but he’s so drunk and horny and Steph is so superficially attractive that he can’t say “no.” However, hooking up with Dave might be Stephanie’s undoing given Dave is getting heavy into drugs and Steph might be collateral damage.

    I’m sure Emrys and Beth will find out about this,but I’m also sure that Dave’s going to dismiss anything they say because he might start to genuinely think Steph cares about him. If Dave as any shot at growth he’ll need to figure out how toxic Steph is on his own and dump her himself. But, again, if a man with strong morals like Emrys could be controlled for months by Steph’s sexuality, Dave really has next to no shot of overcoming her, especially when he’s constantly drunk or doped up.

  7. Stephanie had a history of intimate relationships with controlling men. Emrys was an experiment for her. She could be thinking she can control Dave like she did to Emrys for a while.

  8. Who mentioned “Bro Code” at previous page? XD

    Well, this is bad at so many levels. I guess Dave really wants to be kicked out of our Gang. That is to his will of unfucking his life.

    And BIG yaaaaay to Eric, for his double rate of posting and especially his new job. I hope it is better, than his call center job. BTW, when you have a minute, you have some messages at Patreon.

    1. I mentioned the Bro Code in terms of Jeff. Dave and Jeff are almost polar opposites, given that Dave is responsible for Mark and Shannon’s breakup in the first place. Now, I have theorized that Dave’s downward spiral is a result of his guilt over Mark, since they never really patched things up, but he at no point observed the Bro Code and, though technically legal, it was REALLY shady of him hooking up with Beth’s little sister. Things are bad for Dave now, and Steph, the way she’s looking at him, will most likely make everything ten times worse.

      1. An astute observation. Very good.

  9. I already have a feeling that what Dave and Stephanie are doing is gonna tear the whole friend group apart, and I feel like Stephanie wants that…

    1. Another astute observation.

  10. Stephany has a bit of a vengeful streak in her but not always good on how to focus that energy. Dave…well, dave has a lot of inner demons in him right now and seems to not care what destructive path he takes. A bad mixture to say the least.

  11. This is going to be painful to watch unfold, isn’t it? As rotten as Stephanie and Dave have been at times, I’d still rather see them become whole people instead of sliding into oblivion. Dave isn’t a bad guy at heart, he just makes a lot of foolish decisions based on hidden traumas. Stephanie we don’t know as well, but it appears that she’s in a cycle of lashing out and Dave is the vehicle for that revenge. So sad to see people in these states. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Luckily there are other characters and lighter storylines to help combat the trauma of this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I got to be a revenge fuck once. Not as much fun as it would seem to be. Dave’s not going to like where this goes.

  13. Simply put, this will not end well. For either of them.

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