9 5896

9 5896

#959 Not-so-Subtle Signals

A Friday comic! Woo-Whoo!


Did a lot of script writing as well. Got the next twenty comics written with twenty more to go to finish the chapter (and reach post 1000!) Lots of different stories converging and growing, but I got a definite ending point for this chapter. So sit back and enjoy.

9 thoughts on “#959 Not-so-Subtle Signals

  1. Yup. Girl must not hit on me. She has to kick me XD

    1. “Hey! Whaffor you smack me on the nose wiffa rolled-up newspaper?… And what is that subtle but intriguing scent you’re wearing tonight?”

      1. Something like that πŸ™‚ Just I am unable to smell anything for more than 25 years.

  2. NO, Devon!

    my wife’s foot kept bumping into mine under the table one night before a Pogues show. i kept moving my feet to give her more room!

    1. (this was way before she was my wife)

  3. Yeah, can’t relate to Devon’s current predicament except for the whole clueless angle. πŸ˜€
    Happy Friday, folks!

  4. Wait til Tori find out that Devon has a girlfriend

  5. Bad girl Tori, now go apologize to Annabel, even if you don’t know she exists. :p

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