12 9199

12 9199

966 Coming Clean

Okay folks, back to comics once a week now.

Sorry about that. The new job has been kicking my ass. Maybe a little down the line I'll be able to do some extra comics for you all, but until I get familiar with the job, Monday comics will have to do.

Thank you all for always coming back and reading them!!!

12 thoughts on “966 Coming Clean

  1. Troubles in Paradise 🙂 But still, honesty is highly important in a relationship. That Devon did right.

  2. This is the issue – the intersection of a possible love triangle with the potential for charges of harassment. It depends on whether Tori can take “no” for an answer.

    1. Or whether Devon can stand her “no”.

      1. It is not about not being tempted, it´s about willfully withstanding Temptation – every time.

        1. ‘Tis one thing to be tempted, Escalus –
          Another thing to fall…
          “Measure for Measure,” Act 2: Scene 1, by William Shakespeare

  3. Yep, seen this before… It’s the power of our own minds and our own self doubts that tend to cause problems like what we see possibly starting here.
    One woman has discovered that she’s actually attractive to other women, other women that are also good looking and this is both flattering and terrifying to her. Face it, the very dream of having girls lined up for your attention is quite stimulating and I’d be a lier if I said that such thoughts of girls you can’t have, or shouldn’t have, have powered more than one passionate night alone.
    As for the other side of that equation, of course she knows her girlfriend is attractive and now there’s more confirmation of that. What happens when one person is having their little daydreams or whatever, when you don’t talk about it, “Hell yes that girl made me wet!” and yes, it hurts when you find out “your” girl may have found someone else and this tends to build up doubts and play on your own vision of your own inadequacies and where you may be ‘less than’ the this mystery woman (who can be perfect in your minds eye. Of course)?. If not dealt with, reinforcing the actual relationship you’re in, then it could lead to damage that may never be undone. Please don’t let that happen here, these ladies are one of my favorite couples in fiction and I truly hope they are not pulled apart by something as petty as the debutante lesbian finding out she is actually attractive to women.

  4. Interesting. I posted a reply to Robert M’s post and it doesn’t show even after several hours. But when I try to write it again, system tells me I already sent it.

  5. This is a neat parallel to another webcomic I’ve been reading, where a woman, after spending much of the series in a strange quasi-romantic relationship with a female wrestler, finally acknowledges her as her girlfriend. Then the woman gets a job writing for a rival wrestling company, where she’s hit on by another female wrestler. The big difference is that her new boss explicitly told her to pretend she was single, so she couldn’t really shut wrestler 2 down, and she was so giddy from all the attention that she starts seeing wrestler 2 behind wrestler 1’s back. Eventually wrestler 1 learns about this after the woman kisses Wrestler 2 and feels guilty, leading to their breakup.

    It’s a good thing for Devon to talk to Annabelle about Tori, since it’s now clear she loved getting the attention. But Devon has to do a lot of soul searching for what she truly wants. Annabelle is an amazing, supportive girlfriend, but every relationship has temptation once things start to settle. The woman in the other webcomic declared she wanted EVERYONE to love her, which caused her relationship’s downfall, and I hope Devon isn’t the same way, since she seems a little starved for a certain type of love that a romantic partner is incapable of giving her no matter who it is…

    1. Eric has Gisele Lagacé as an art example, so I’d say you can admit you read pixietrixcomix XD same as I do. I got there thru menagé à 3 comic 🙂

  6. Glad Devon brought that forward and Annabel responded accordingly. I don’t know where it’s going from here, but I think they’ve been together long enough that they should know how to support each well enough to get through this diversion.
    Hope things at the new job are going well, Eric! Happy that you found a way out of the job that was hurting you.

    “She’s a coworker…
    … she’s said that she’ll respect my boundaries at work…
    …but we’ll have to wait & see whether that’s true.”

  8. Oh noes, what should Devon say here? She pretty much HAS to see Tori again because of the simple fact they work together. I guess Devon should just explain that truth as clearly as she can. It can be very hard to do that in sensitive matters.

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