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8 5104

965 No Words Needed

To be continued in the pages of Midnight Edition through my Patreon (If you're interested in such things....) Coming very soon.

In the meantime, I'm kinda surprised how many of you out there are suspicious of Robert. Yeah, I do tend to write a lot of guys as ass holes, but I hope I haven't written myself into a corner with all the male characters. Robert will not be perfect, but I doubt he's the dark manipulator that some of you seem to think he might me either. You'll just have to wait and see....


8 thoughts on “965 No Words Needed

  1. Extended version at xvideos.com or patreon.com XD

  2. Robert is wealthy AF and ripped? That sounds too good to be true!

  3. *Sigh*… Most adult women know that the ‘Bigger – Better – Deal’ is usually NOT any of those.
    For that reason, you don’t jump in deep without the due time and thought. Which I suppose shows us how someone still hasn’t matured that much. Everything about this guy practically screams ‘RED FLAG’ – But I suppose she’s just going to continue to work on being a train wreck hmm? Mind you, he is obviously healthy so if she’s just looking for Mr. Right Now, then perhaps after getting hers she’ll leave and not look back? Then again… So much here can go so wrong huh? So hard to make that call.

    1. You’re not entirely wrong. It will be a different kind of storyline but will fit into Shannon’s type of character nicely. We’ll just have to wait and see….

  4. Being suspicious of Robert (Nope, no self-projection here!)…
    Well, these times we are in right now don´t lead to be overly optimistic.
    And that can all too easily lead to Not-Belive in Good Things even if they happen right in front of your very own eyes (sigh…).

  5. I still think this is a terrible mistake. Shannon barely knows the guy, and even though he was a gentleman at her job, he could very well steer her in a place she doesn’t want to go. At the very best, I could see him being “Captain Save-a-Ho,” a term coined by Asa Akira when she was dancing, referring to “white knights” who attempt to get dancers to date them, quit their jobs, and get more “respectable” jobs that usually pay a lot less. CSaHs intentions are noble, unlike the “Joe Dimaggios” who want dancers to quit and rely on them for cash, but they’re still misguided because usually they don’t even ask what the dancer herself wants in life, they just think dancing in general is degrading.

    I would say I’m suspicious of pretty much every guy outside of the gang (Green Man excluded), but Dave himself is going down a dark path so even the gang can have guys that are assholes, too.

  6. I trust you to tell the story as it needs to be told, Eric. Shannon has learned a lot since Mark’s death, but not all of those lessons were necessarily helpful. Life lessons can be tricky sometimes.
    Can’t comment on Corey’s analysis other than to say that it’s informative, but sad at the same time. Not really sure what else to say that would be worthwhile, but I appreciate the comment all the same.

  7. This doesn’t look like safe sex, so I can’t approve. 😕

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