It has come to pass as I feared it would. Tthe Dreaded Deadline Doom has overtaken me once more. It’s been a tough October and probably an equally tough November just around the corner. Work is busy, the kids have more school projects, birthdays, injuries, doctors appointments, Halloween and the ever present, ever debilitating seasonal depression which has slowed me down to sloth speed. I won’t bore you with all the details. Suffice to say it’s just been a crappy month. Which is too bad because I really like how the leaves change and for the most part I enjoy the nature end of Autumn.

So to lift my spirits up (and make sure I left you with something to come to today) I was inspired to make this picture of Beth in all her Autumn cuteness. Hopefully I’ll be on better footing next week but I can’t promise this may not happen again between now and Christmas.

Also, Patreon’s Midnight Edition should be out this weekend and The Greenman by next weekend.

I don’t know. Should I do more of these pin-up type pictures for here or Patreon?

See ya Monday. Happy undead-candy-extortion-day.