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10 5383

#679 Reflections

10 thoughts on “#679 Reflections

  1. DUH DUH DUUUHHH!! This will not end well… I can’t wait!

  2. I’m starting to think Rich and Stephanie might be perfect for each other. They can share hair styling tips. (Just kidding, I wouldn’t wish Rich on anyone.)

  3. Ahh crap. THAT’S his angle?! I think it’s time for the boys to take this bastard out back and teach him some manners before I take a chainsaw to him. This guy is toxic on so many levels it’s not even funny.

  4. well so much for having any redeeming qualities, as I said, people rarely really change

  5. When does the physical abuse resume?

    1. If he has his way, soon after the wedding. That’s how it usually happens.

  6. oh dang.

    Please don’t take him back Beth! ‘cos it would totally be out of her developiing character, not just for us, ur readers.

  7. He says he’s off drugs, but he’s drinking alcohol, straight up whiskey, no less.
    I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the time of day. (Or tell me if he didn’t know it.)

  8. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all for your comments. I really do enjoy seeing so many people make comments on the story and comic. You guys are awesome. I wish I could spill the beans and let you know if your speculations are right…but then…that would kind of spoil the fun.

  9. Eric, Off topic, I know but each time I look at the Voting Gateway (top Web Comics) drawing of Beth and those eyes and crooked little smile I can’t help but think she is real. I hope it worked out well for you.

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