Okay. I lied. Sort of.

I really wasn’t planning on taking the whole week off, but my rotting deck and completely non-functioning jacuzzi need to be totally removed from the back so that we can start pouring concrete next week. That means most of my time this week has been focused on this little project from hell made more hellish by the near one hundred degree weather.

IMG_2381(note the evil lair the possums have developed deep within the wood…)








But alas, I can’t leave here without something, so I offer up a test painting (done with the Corel Painting program I use) that I did a few months back. As I worked on playing with the paints it morphed into Shannon. Not the best thing I’ve done, but I like the hair.

And while everyone is out there blowing things up this Fourth of July, why not get buy a sword or a war hammer or even a nifty dagger. -the original implements of mayhem! Come and visit Dark Tower Armory! The best ancient cutlery you can buy!

logoEveryone needs sharp pointy objects, because, as my friend who runs the store says, “without them, life would be dull and pointless.”

I will absolutely be back next Monday with new comics and a new recipe for possum pie.