6 2410

6 2410

Two Years Old

Can you believe it? Bohemian Nights is two years old. (Actually it hit that two year mark last Monday, but there was no way I was going to interrupt the Beth/Tony storyline so close to the conclusion.) Normally, I take a week off and put up some extra posts or guest posts, but since I'm only posting twice a week, I'll just pause today to put up a fun drawing I did of Mateo (aka Belligerence) in a homage nod to Jack (King) Kirby's Kamandi comic number one. (For those who haven't read or missed the post where I talk in great length how I meet Mr. Kirby...at his house! The whole story can be found here. So...two years. A year ago I wrote out all the plots I'd like to get see for the coming year. And what do you know? I was able to get to all of them. –Mrs. McKrakkin's unexpected trip, Emrys on a blind date, The girls move into a house together,  a drunken game of D&D, and the break-up of Beth and Tony (cutting it under the wire on that one). So I think I will continue the tradition with a few plot outlines I have in the works for the coming year. -A short amount of follow-up and aftermath with the Beth break-up and a little, light-hearted excursion with Jeff and Emrys since we've had a couple of months of pretty serious story lines. (and most of the scripts are written for those already.) -Since the storyline is now taking place in a late autumn/early winter timeline right now, I would like to perhaps meet some of the character's family for the holidays. Few things screams crazy-humor more then holiday gatherings with the family.And it's a good way to develop characters. -Since the Emrys/Beth storyline has been dominating the comic for most of this year, I feel the need to focus on the other characters a little and see if I can flesh them out more. So I will be making  more of an effort to do that. -There is the lingering storyline between Mark/Shannon/and Dave still to work through as well as what Shannon decides to do about it out of guilt. -And finally, I'd like to end my third year with a huge New Years Eve party where anything can happen. As usual, a few short comics may creep in with the gang working or whatever I suddenly think of. I'm keeping it a little looser this year. I've got three (possibly four) conventions I'll be going to as well. (More on those when they are all finalized.) Most of all, I would like to thank each and everyone who stops by to read the comic. I know there are a ton of web-comics out there, so I am extremely grateful for each one of you to take the time and enjoy mine. That includes those of you who take the time to post comments too. I enjoy hearing the feedback. Thank you, also for those who re-post, pass on, or continue to press the 'vote for top webcomic' button. Bohemian Nights is now around 250 (out of 2000) due to the voting each month and the higher the number, the more likely others will see the banner on the site and visit the comic. Finally, for those who want to help further, there is Patreon. I know, if you were like me, you hardly have two dollar bills to rub together. I get it. But if you can, I can guarantee that all the funds that come from Patreon will go directly into the comic which includes more frequent posting of the comic, adds and convention time and eventually a huge book with some new material inside. Plus Patrons are now receiving bonus comics on the spotlighting on the lives of the characters. Bohemian Patreon Banner Two years is still pretty young when it comes to web comics (the successful ones, anyway). I'm looking forward to growing in the comic. Not just in viewership, but in writing and the artwork, which I think has improved quite a bit even from just a year ago. Thank you all for coming along for the ride. We got lots more destinations to visit. (And as for Emrys and Beth? Well... we'll all just have to wait and see how it plays out...)

6 thoughts on “Two Years Old

  1. Bravisimo, my friend! A milestone and just one of many more to come. I’m loving it!

  2. Wanna read that comic book.

  3. I used to have Kamandi #1. Don’t know what happened to it. (T_T)

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I still got my whole run. One of the few collections I still own. I wish I had a lot more that I sold off, though.

  4. Nice Kirby copy. I’d like to read that comic, too.

  5. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Hmmmm… There seems to be a bit of buzz on ol Belligerence. I think I should look into this further…

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