10 3407

10 3407

Trying not to Blow it

10 thoughts on “Trying not to Blow it

  1. Beth being explicit again 😀

    1. I’d say a bit naughty rather than explicit, especially with the look in her eyes.

  2. The subtext is rapidly becoming text.

  3. That smirk.

    That dress.

    Glad they’re having fun.

  4. Jeezus, with the drinks their having and the over-flirtatiousness, I REALLY don’t like where this is headed…

    Beth’s gonna wake up the next day with Emrys in her bed and no recollection of what happened, isn’t she?

    Still betting that Jeff is gonna make them lose their shirts with his selection in games.

    1. A Reader from Germany

      With Emrys being, well, Emrys, he’d probably end up on the floor next to Beth’s bed, if she gets too intoxicated 🙂

      Isn’t there just one bed (or room, anyway) for the girls, and boys, each? _That_ could get interesting…

      1. There is Mateo’s van 🙂

  5. Naughty Beth! 😉

  6. I think I agree with everyone who has posted so far, this is fun to watch, and Beth is definitely being flirty, which is fun, but I can’t say I don’t share Corey’s concerns.

    Keep the fun rolling, Eric! Lucky number 7 and it’s Friday! 🙂

  7. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all for your great comments. I’m sorry I don’t answer each and every one all the time. You guys are the best.

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