12 3423

12 3423

813 Straight Shooter

12 thoughts on “813 Straight Shooter

  1. Methinks this will not work out well if Jeff knows so much about the rules.

  2. Is Jeff just a fluker, or does he do all probability math?

  3. I’m going to laugh if Jeff ends up being escorted out by large men who do lot look like they would appreciate a good joke.

      Lessee here, “The Hard Way” = “pair of matching values”, in THIS case, a pair of 5’s. With 2 dice, there are 36 ways to roll, & only 6 of those will be a matching pair. No matter which “pair” it is, the odds of a “Hard Way” = “1-in-36”, & odds don’t get any slimmer than that.
      If this was a ‘regular’ game, then “Boxcars” (double-6’s) would be ever-so-slightly better odds than “double-5’s”.
      Because [1] & [6] are on opposite sides of the dice, & a single “pip” subtracts less material from the cube, so it’s a tiny-bit heavier, & more-likely to finish face-down…
      …but this is a ‘professional’ game, & not only are casino-dice precision-crafted from transparent plastic (to prevent accusations of “weighted dice”), but the “pips” are filled-in with an opaque plastic of the exact-same density, to prevent any “weighted” disparity in any cube-face. Dice-corners are as mathematically-sharp as possible (because rounded corners are considered less-predictable), & after a single night’s worth of play, dice are always “retired”, never to be used again, because they’re considered too “worn-out” to meet casino-standards.
      (if a customer requests it, or if “the House” suspects trickery, dice will be retired prematurely, at any point during the night, & replaced with a fresh pair)
      Retired dice are often sold as souvenirs, or sold to game-stores, & bought by gamers whose playing-standards are less stringent.

  4. I bet Jeff learned all this on the internet, between phone calls. 🙂

  5. I would love for Jeff to turn out to be a secret craps shark, but if he is, then why’s he still working at that call center? Or maybe … this will be the moment he decides, with the encouragement of his friends, to quit that shit and become a professional gambler?

  6. This is going to be fun, no matter how it plays out, because that’s just how Eric rolls (no pun intended), but it would be fun if their luck changed for the better, just this once. Besides, it would give Jeff some positive mojo with JoJo and credibility with the gang if he was good at something other than buying loud shirts. 🙂

  7. In Panel_1, I assume that you meant for Jeff to say:
    “Just play the pass line for right now.”

    …because the word-balloon is (currently) too small to hold the final word.

    1. Also, (regarding Dave’s line) while “Four” has a “U” in it, “Forty” does not.

      The Dealer is clearly the only one wearing a vest.
      In Panel_1, he faces us, with both Jeff_&_Emrys to his RIGHT.
      In Panel_2, we’ve “magically” swapped LEFT-for-RIGHT, & the boys are on the Dealer’s LEFT side.
      #You_Done_Been_Busted … 😉 … 🙂 … 😛 … 😀

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        and….you get a no-prize for that last one. Maybe they changed spots at the last minute? Maybe I was running on five hours of sleep and forgot? In any case, what’s done is done.

        1. bohemiannightsthecomic

          OR the stickman rotated around the table which they do do every fifteen minutes or so.

          (…or I just wasn’t paying attention…)

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