So there you go. The last of the Bohemian Astrology posts. Either you enjoyed them or thought it was a waste of space. Either way, they gave me an easy restpit from the comic and a chance to catch up when I’m running behind.  So it looks like Ask Mrs. Mckrakkin will be replacing these every once in a while. So feel free to write in any question you want that old crazy woman to answer for you. Nothing’s too strange for her.

Speaking of things ending, don’t forget to stop by the ol Bohemian store. There’s only a few more days to get Drinkers Hell or an original Bohemian Nights Introduction book for 15 to 20% off. Once the month ends, so dose the sale. Also, buy the book and I’ll personalize it with a hand drawn sketch of a favorite character. Woo-hoo!

drinkers hell cardIMG_2338