#423 BAM!!

Back from a long Wizard World convention. I got to say, I've had better. The whole establishment is under some new management and the shift from comic oriented tables to celebrity and party stages was quite drastic. The map to artist alley was the one of last year. Too much noise and not as many people than in past years. So much so that they closed almost two hours early on Saturday with only five minutes advanced notice to the vendors. Over all, didn't do too well. It looks like I'll just stick with Rose City who has their shit together. The table looked good, though. One of the best things though was having my table next to Randy Emberlin of 90's Spider-Man fame. Randy and his wife Judy were just delightful. I couldn't have asked for nicer table neighbors. They were nice, super generous, witty, and all around fun to talk to. (We swapped Jack Kirby stories). I've met quite a few comic artists while doing this, but none this kind and giving since I met jolly Jack. And it looks like Bohemian Nights may have made a new fan in Randy and Judy as well. Also, special thanks to Matt for being my table partner and helper throughout the convention. As always, great to have you here with the assist. (and fun to go drinking with on Saturday night.

2 thoughts on “#423 BAM!!

  1. I like your table and backdrop display!

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thanks my friend. Hope I can see you again when I have another show down there.

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