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5 1741

#424 Clean up on Aisle Five


5 thoughts on “#424 Clean up on Aisle Five

  1. I didn’t know that, so I looked it up and welp, Dilaudid *is* a pain medication at least! Also lol at the “it’s not blood, it’s marinara” and I would totally abuse an Adele music blocker (although she was indirectly responsible for one of my favourite tweets)

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      You can’t keep me in suspense like that. What was this favorite tweet?
      Yeah, I had to get a friend to recommend a pain med that really made you feel great (and lowered inhibitions) and he came up with Dilaudid. Lets see where this takes us…
      Thanks again for your great comments.

      1. There’s an Australian rapper, producer, and all around cool guy called Urthboy, who had an album come out around the same time as Adele’s 25.

        In October 2015 he tweeted “Adele’s new video has 30 million views. Mine has 12000. I’m starting to think she might outsell me…”

        (or something to that effect. Twitter is great for real time updates, not so great for searching historical stuff)

  2. More drug humor coming right up! 😉

  3. bohemiannightsthecomic

    But of course… 🙂

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