So the surgery was a bit more tough than I expected. Haven’t done anything this week so no comic today. We’ll see what happens for Monday. Sorry for the delay….



Had a great time at I Like Comics Con and although I only did marginally well in sales, it was still fun to talk to some people. Especially the verbose and cantankerous Mike Royer who inked many of Jack Kirby’s drawings for DC in the 70’s.

Then there was Paul Gulacy who signed a few of my old Master of Kung-Fu comics for me and we talked quite a bit about comics. He’s such a cool guy to talk to. He also took home complementary a Drinker’s Hell game too.

Jim Steranko wanted twenty bucks just for a signature so…he was a pass.

As for this week, I’ll finally be going in for some small surgery this Tuesday to fix a problem that’s been persisting for three months. (Having had an unexpected delay last month), so I’m not sure just how I’ll be feeling this week so this Friday’s post is kind of up in the air. If there is a delay, it’s only for that day though.

That’s all the updates for now.