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2 3025

#33 Reminiscing

So it looks like there is some trouble viewing the comic in iphones and other Mac based browsers. The difficulty stems from the fact that WordPress and ComicPress use Flash to display the comics. But since Mac does not use Flash, the comic portion of this website can no longer be seen. This is very unfortunate.  There are some apps that Mac users can download and use to view Flash based comics. Most notably from this website. I wish there was a better alternative, but it looks like this is it for the time being. This message will be repeated throughout the week as well as on the Bohemian Nights Facebook page.

In the meantime, for everyone else, enjoy the lustful Ménage à trois between Emrys, Shannon and a donkey.

...sorry Mac users. I guess you'll have to wait for the book.


2 thoughts on “#33 Reminiscing

  1. The drink she mentioned:

    1 part vodka
    1 part sloe gin
    1 part Southern Comfort
    orange juice, as needed
    1 part Galliano

    Fill a tall glass half full with ice. Add the vodka, sloe gin, and southern comfort. Add enough orange juice to almost fill the glass then stir gently.
    Pour the Galliano over the back of a spoon into the glass so it floats on the top (this is the “wall”). Do not stir.
    Serve immediately. .

    Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a late-comer (the ladies like that) but I noticed that this drink recipe was missing. There was a different drink mentioned before, but our esteemed author provided the recipe for it.

  2. Thank you! the recipe was perfect!

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