Okay Patreons, the long wait is over. I think I’m finally caught up and ready to move forward. By the time you read this there should be two new comics up: A Midnight Edition finishing up with Emrys and Stephanie and a brand new Greenman of Portland to continue the second half of the story. I should be on track for these monthly releases from here on out.

Also, in answer to some of your recent comments about how the other members of the group can so easily accept Rich back after all that he’s done…well…two reasons. First, at the time (about five years ago in the comic) they were all pretty fucked up and Rich may not have been the only one at fault or did things they may regret later on. Such was the year they shared together after High School. With that first flash of Freedom comes a lot of trial and errors. And sometimes with youth and excess you can be a bit oblivious to what is happening around you. That said, Rich is in part based on someone I knew who did some pretty crazy things under the influence of a number of drugs and yet, years later, the friends we all had welcomed him back when they realized he had cleaned up his act. So out of long time friendship, this cast (most of them) decided to give Rich a second chance seeing that he seems to be trying to better himself. Only you the reader know that there is something not quite right with him still, but the characters don’t know that. They’re giving him the benefit of the doubt because he does appear to have cleaned himself up and changed.

Only time will tell how this all plays out. ….but it will.