10 3045

10 3045

#665 A Line in the Sand

For those new to the comic, you may be surprised that I also have a board game out there. Well...more like a drinking board game. Drinker's Hell! The game that gets you toasted. I usually sell it at conventions like Rose City Comic Con. But since I'll not be attending Rose City this year, I'm offering a special for the month of September. -25% off!!! Normally $30, you can now get the game for just 22.50! (plus shipping). It's the perfect game for those of you heading off to college or  just hanging out with your friends as you contemplate your lack of future together. Not to mention the holidays are just around the corner too. -You know you're going to have to drink to get through those! Why not do it in style. Grab yourself a copy of Drinker's Hell while the low price of 22.50 remains. Hell, I don't even sell them this cheap at conventions! The Game can be bought at my storefront at Storenvy  along with many other items like original comic books such as The Deflectors and Belligerence.

10 thoughts on “#665 A Line in the Sand

  1. I do hope Emrys reclaims his balls and tells Steph to fuck off…

  2. I am with Johan on this one, people like that are beyond toxic – – run Emrys run

  3. Nothing good will come of this tacitc, Steph, so you better back down before things get worse. I’m glad that Beth kept a cool head in the exchange, because she doesn’t need an altercation right now. As for Emrys, it’s time to tell his girlfriend to cool her jets if she wants to keep HIM. After all, her “throes of passion” didn’t exactly excite him, which is why she told him to leave, so what makes her think this behavior is going to encourage him to support her further? Stand your ground, Emrys, this is a teaching moment for both of you, though admittedly Steph needs it worse than you.

  4. Wow, poor Emrys is being put on the spot. Well, I hope he dumps the Pink Streak. I don’t really want to hate her, so I am just going to consider her as someone who seriously needs a check-up from the neck up.

  5. Which head will Emrys use to do his thinking? At this critical juncture I hope it’s his big head. You never let the girlfriend tell you who you can be friends with. No pussy is worth losing your self esteem. Unless it’s really, really good… no… wait, I’m thinking… WHAT is she going to do again?

  6. Hysterical Drama Queen with severe selfconfidence issues hence extremely jealous. Run for your life, Emrys.

  7. Uh-oh, the next page is No 666. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  8. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all for being so invested in the comic to always write in. I really do appreciate each and every one of you.
    And yes…high drama. Did you expect anything less?

    1. Well, it’s no Conan level drama, but with Mateo around, you can always be sure that there’ll be “high adventure!”* as a possiblity. 😉

      *Sorry, on a bit of a Conan kick these past couple of days after listening to the soundtrack again. Basil Poledouris was a genius and practically -=made=- that movie with his score. There’s nothing quite like it.

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        Man, I haven’t heard that score in years but I remember really liking it. Now you’re going to make me revisit it. 🙂

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