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8 3158

#664 Spotlight

Thank you all for your awesome comments. I enjoy them immensely as always but had to refrain from commenting in case I let slip a spoiler for the comic (which is real easy for me to do if I don't watch out). I'm done with all my darn yard projects for the summer, just in time for the winter rains to come soon. Good news- I'll have more time for the comic. Bad news- with my work ramping up for the holidays, I'll have less time for the comic. So...it evens out in the end I guess.

8 thoughts on “#664 Spotlight

  1. So I bet on Beth last page and I have won my Fiver 😀 (Fiver I mean 5 CZK which is 0.25 of USD)

    1. Just as I thought, I wrote it wrong. Of courde, I meant Steph. Dunno why I confuse those names.

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        It’s okay. I actually knew who you meant. 🙂

  2. Well this is quite a turn of events! Steph showing actual signs of…remorse?…for her actions and showing actual concern for Emrys? The jury is still out on that one in my opinion, but I am always going to be skeptical with her I think. The real stinger here is yet to come though, and I think it’s going to drive more wedges between the three of them, collectively, than already existed. High drama! 😀

  3. well lucky Beth she has a new enemy to keep her mind off Rich – – Emyrs better man up and stick up for Beth no matter what Steph says or thinks as for Steph I think she definitely has personality issues I have known people like her and they are not always fun to be around

  4. This isn’t making me like Stephanie any better. Her ‘throes of passion’ line is a bit much. It’s not Emrys’ fault she’s so into sex she calls it that.

  5. Steph is a manipulative bitch.

    I do hope karma has a big can of whoopass ready for her

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