9 2980

9 2980

#678 Atonement

It's almost Halloween, but not too late to grab yourself a copy of Tales from the Tomb. A huge comic with tons of great stories of the macabre -both horror and humorous, featuring some fantastically talented people.  Grab a copy while you can. It's sure to disappear soon!  

9 thoughts on “#678 Atonement

  1. Dwarf in me says “Never trust an elf/Rich” 🙂

  2. Great comic today– and many thanks for the plug for “Tales From The Tomb!” I hope everyone will give it a shot this Halloween– just click the link, and please leave a good review on Amazon if you like it.

  3. mixed feelings here, more often than not people don’t really change, know that from experience, but sometimes it does happen and often with someone you least expect

  4. From Beth’s perspective and limited knowledge, this could certainly seem genuine, though I hope she remains skeptical since -I- haven’t forgotten that he was the one who got her in hot water at her old job. My bet is still on him setting her up for a complete fall, but I don’t know where’s he intends for her to land yet.

  5. Yup, i’m still in the me no trust crowd.

    A very backhanded and obscure way t make an amends.

  6. Glad I brought my shovel. This BS is getting DEEP!

  7. Geeze Beth, you’d think that from calling out Stephanie on making promises she can’t commit to you’d have your BS meter perfected. And Stephanie, despite her faults, does genuinely care about the man she’s been mistreating, she just doesn’t know how to properly show it. That’s not the case with Rich. We’ve seen that Rich is a great actor and, in his head, he just wants to pick up where he left off without changing. We the audience know that he paid a guy to complain about her at her former job, so this “atonement”: is total hogwash!

    1. I like your analysis of Stephanie, though I’m not sure how attached she is to Emrys beyond the physical, so I remain guardedly optimistic about her feelings being deeper than what she’s shown. The best version of herself I recall seeing was when they went camping with the others, but that was momentary and I haven’t seen it since.

  8. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Hmmmm… not fooling any of the readers…

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